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For all your Piano Tuning and Servicing in Albany  Collie,  Bunbury,  Busselton,  Margaret River,  Denmark, Mt Barker,  WA and surounding areas 

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Hi for all that are wishing to get there pianos tuned this year. Please go to contact me, and submit a request I will get back to you, 

cheers Peter 

Tuning Your Piano

electronic tuning

Tuning, the big question is when, & how often, just because it may not sound like it needs it or there's no one to play it, doesn't mean it's ok to leave it for more than two years, but in general, every 12 months is  good.

There is a lot of technical resions I won't go into, but leaving your piano for long periods of time with out inspecting it inside, and not giving it a tune can be very harmful to it and will end up costing you more down the track.

Most people who own a piano and want it to last for many years, and hold its value, is one thing but when Sevices are done regularly the piano will feel and sound fantastic for everyone who sits at it to play, there's  nothing like having a guest or family visit and you can proudly enjoy the sound of your piano, 

really there's nothing worse than sitting at an old piano or a modern one and it sounds like an old honky tonk at that stage it's going to cost you, or it's good bye piano and all its glory is sadly gone, and then the big question ohh but I want to give it to my daughter or son  for there children to learn on, and the big dilemma starts.

So try and get it turned every 12 months to 2 years maximum then your beautiful piano will last for many more years, 




Regulation & Repair of your Piano Action

Maintaining The Internal Action, Requires Knowledge and time, Remember there is either 85 or 88 notes  it is important to have every note playing correctly, to do this the piano Needs to be Regulated, from time to time, this will depend on many things,

eg, How often its played, the Weather. So  the climate you live in will effect the settings in the action,

the Quality of the Piano, how you like a Piano To Feel.

 Getting this Right is Specialised, and a job we do every day. Getting your Piano sounding Beautifull is one thing, getting it Playing Beautifully is another.

There are components in Your Piano that Do Ware out, they do need Replacing, some components can simply deteriate in time.


This can depend on the type of piano, but if you have just purchased a Second hand Piano the likely hood of it needing some attention will be there, how much will depend on the age and how much care has been taken by the previous owner.


It is well known that a piano can sit accumulating Mice and Moths. The Damage they cause will be unknown until it is inspected by Professionals ,






Piano Refubishing



My Name is Peter Bailey I am a fully Qualified Piano Tec Tuner and Piano Rebuilder, Registed with the Australian Piano Tuners Association.

 I have had a lot of experience, servicing and Maintaining Piano's on a professional level for many years, 


Your Piano is as important to me as it is to you, having it well maintained Regularly Serviced and tuned is important. 

If you need your Piano refurbishing or Rebuilding no Problem, this depends on the type of Piano The age condition, and the amount you want to spend, this can be done with a lot of detail or just get it looking good and sounding beautiful again.